Nutritional vitamins & Dietary Dietary supplements Coupons. What hurt has resulted from this laxity in regulation of natural” supplements? The 1989 Tryptophan Epidemic represents ne catastrophic example. A typical dietary supplement, L-Tryptophan, was marketed and bought as a mild treatment for insomnia, and with out the benefit of medical studies to show efficacy or security, it was launched as a supplement. Soon after, some L-Tryptophan customers started to develop eosinophilia myalgia syndrome, a extreme flu-like sickness that’s incurable and might at instances be fatal. The causative agent of this dysfunction might have been due to a chemical additive used in the production of the product, however whatever the trigger, many unsuspecting individuals seeking a natural” various to a pharmaceutical prescription for disordered sleep suffered the implications of this painful, generally deadly sickness. After as many as 27 EMS-associated deaths have been reported, L-Tryptophan was removed from the market.